Kerala State Higher Education Council

Updated on: Apr 3, 2013
The Government of Kerala in accordance with the Kerala State Higher Education Council Act 2007 established the Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHE). The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHE) is responsible for the working of the higher education institutions in the state of Kerala. With a view to develop the system of higher education in Kerala, the council also undertakes certain programmes. These programmes are meant for the overall growth of the higher education institutes providing undergraduate education.

The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHE) also keeps in perspective the global education scenario and the position of Indian education while planning for the future growth of the education in Kerala. The council carries out its various functions and responsibilities through its three tiers, which are the Advisory Council, the Governing council and the Executive Council.

Councils under Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHE)

The Council consists of three bodies i.e. Advisory Council, Governing Council and Executive Council.

The Advisory Council, which is responsible for providing guidance, is a 32-member council. These members include the Chief Minister, Minister for Education, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Minister for Law, Minister for Agriculture, representatives of the members of the Parliament from the State, members of the State legislature (with reservation for SC/ST, and woman), members of three tier Panchayats, members of Municipalities, members of Corporations and eminent personalities from different walks of life.

The Governing Council, which is responsible for taking decisions, is a 35 member administrative body. The chairman of the council is the Minister for Education. The other members of the council includes all Vice-Chancellors of the State Universities, educationalists (with reservation for SC/ST and woman), elected representatives of the Academic Councils of State Universities, nominated representatives of student unions (with reservation for woman), higher officials of the State in the ranks of Secretaries and Directors of various departments, as members.

The Executive Council chaired by the vice chairman of the council is a 9 member body.

The council carries the following responsibilities –

a) To render advice to the Government, Universities and other institutions of higher education in the State;
(b) To coordinate the roles of the Government, Universities and apex regulatory agencies in higher education within the State;
(c) To evolve new concepts and programmes in higher education
(d) To provide common facilities in higher education without impinging upon the autonomy of other institutions of higher education.

The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHE) is open to the feedbacks from all sectors of education whether it is the students or teachers or its stakeholders. Take a note of the contact details for any queries.


Kerala State Higher Education Council
Science and Technology Museum Campus
Vikas Bhavan P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695033, Kerala, India
Phone: 0471 2301290, 2301291, 2301292, 2301293
Fax: 0471 2301290
Email: [email protected]
Important Contacts

The Vice-Chairman
415, Prasanth Nagar, Stage 11
Medical College P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram -11
0471- 2301291 (O)

Member Secretary
TC XI-1337, Malini Bains Compuond,
Nanthencode, Kowdiar P.O
0471- 2301290 (O) 9846400898 (M)

Asst. Registrar in charge of Registrar
0471- 2301293 (O) 9846562565 (M)

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