General Education Department of Kerala

Updated on: Apr 3, 2013
The General Education Department of Kerala plays a very crucial role in overall management of school level education of this state. Since last three decades, mainly due to initiative of this department and Government of Kerala, this sate has achieved several landmarks in the field of education standard. Several eminent social scientists and educationalists have attributed this success to growth of mass education throughout the state. One of the most important factors is that human development index of this state can be compared with various developed countries of the world.

If you focus on organizational structure of General Education Department, then you will have an idea as this department is so well organized, that’s why within such a short span of time it has successfully altered educational infrastructure of the state. The Director of Public Instruction or DPI is at the top of the organizational structure. The DPI is also the Commissioner of government educations which are organized in the State. Other important positions of this organization are as follows: Additional Directors, Joint Directors, Senior Administrative Officer, Senior Finance Officer, Law Officer, Deputy Secretary, Accounts Officers, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and other staffs. All these people are committed to provide proper assistance to t5he DPI. As a commissioner of government examinations in the state, he gets complete assistance of the Joint commissioner, the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary.

The whole educational scenario of Kerala is divided into fourteen revenue districts and all these districts are under supervision of Deputy Directors of Education. All these revenue districts are further been segmented into Educational Districts of Kerala and Educational Sub districts of Kerala. Conjointly, total number of educational districts and sub districts amount to 37 and 161, simultaneously. The Assistant Educational Office is responsible for supervision of the educational sub districts. The DEO looks after administration of High Schools, Training Schools and other special types of schools in each Educational District. Administration of the primary schools in each educational sub districts comes under governance of AEO or Assistant Educational Officer.

The main objective of Kerala General Education Department is to enhance physical and mental capacity of young generation people of the state. If you focus on the results of last 30 years, you will be sure that this education has fulfilled its duties and responsibilities with proper commitment. The General Education Department of Kerala, with collaboration of both private and public sectors, has elevated Kerala educational standard to an admirable height.
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