Regular Courses by National Institute of Technology - Calicut

Updated on: Apr 3, 2013
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Department Course - Classification
Aquaculture M. Sc. - Acqua Culture and Fishery Microbiology
Arabic Certificate Courses - Spoken Arabic
Diploma Programmes - Commercial Arabic
M. A. - Arabic
Biochemistry M. Sc. - Bio chemistry
M. Sc. - Medical Bio-Chemistry
Biotechnology M. Sc. - Bio technology
Botany M.Sc. - Botany
Business Administration M. B. A. - Business Administration
M. B. A- Business Administration
Chemistry M. Sc. - Polymer Chemistry
M.Sc. - Chemistry
Commerce M. Com. - Commerce
Computer Science M. Sc. - Computer Science
Economics M. A. - Developmental Economics
M. A. - Economics
Education M.Ed. - Education
Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering B. Tech - Electronics & Electrical
Electronics and Communication B. Tech - Electronics & Communication
English and Foreign Languages M. A. - Comparative Literature
M. A. - West Asian Studies
M. Sc. - Physics
English Language and Literature Certificate Course - English for Effective Communication
M. A. - English
Fashion Designing B. Sc. - Costume Design & Fashion
Folklore M. A. - Folklore
Food Technology M. Sc. - Food Science & Technology
Hindi Certificate Course - Commercial & Spoken Hindi
M. A. - Hindi
History M. A. - History
Hospital Administration MHA - Hospital Administration
Information Technology B. Tech - Information Technology
Library and Information Science B. Lib. I. Sc. - Library and Information Science
M. LISc - Library and Information Science
Malayalam M. A. - Malayalam
Medical Laboratory Technology B. Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology
M. Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology
Microbial Technology M. Sc. - Micro Biology
Microbiology B. Sc. - Medical Biochemistry
B. Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology
Music & Dance M. A. - Music
Nursing B. Sc. - Nursing
Philosophy M. A. - Philosophy
Physical Education B. P. Ed - Physical Education
M. P. Ed. - Physical Education
Physics M. Sc. - Physics
M. Sc. - Radiation Physics
Physiotherapy B. Sc. - Physiotherapy
Plant Sciences M. Sc. - Plant Sciences
M. Sc. - Plantation Development
Printing Technology B. Sc. - Printing Technology
B. Tech - Printing Technology
Psychology M. A. - Psychology
Radiology/X-Ray Technology B. Sc. - Medical Radiological Technology
Russian Advanced P.G. Dip. - Russian Language
Certificate Course - Russian Language
Diploma Programmes - Russian Language
Foundation Course - Russian
M. A. - Russian
Sanskrit M. A. - Sanskrit
Science M.Sc. - Statistics
Social Work M. S. W. - Social Work
Tamil M. A. - Tamil
Theatre & Telivision B.T.A - Theatre
M. A. - Theatre
Translation Diploma Programmes - Translation & Secretariat Practice
Diploma Programmes - Translation and Secretariat Practice in Hindi
Zoology M.Sc. - Zoology
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